High-quality plastic compounds and insensitive surfaces, let the quality appear solid. However, the Acer TravelMate G scores points regarding illumination. The keyboard has full-sized keys and an embedded keypad, separate cursor keys, two Windows keys and twelve function keys. The interface equipment is generous – very good. In comparison to the office notebook with T CPU this is average. The second RAM slot is free.

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6592t TravelMate G also has a Download and deploy individuals, application applications, firmware, and books and obtain access to online specialized help resources and troubleshooting.

Acer TravelMate G Driver Download | Support Acer

Four hot keys make launching the e-mail front-end, the standard web browser, a user-definable option, and the Acer Empowering Technology easy. Besides the big 7. Dual independent display TravelMate G wobbles, if the battery is removed, because a plastic foot is on the battery.

Overall it scores points by its very complete interface equipment and its general qualities. The left and right buttons function like the left and right mouse buttons; the center button serves as a 4-way scroll button.

Also the case temperature of the Acer TravelMate G stays always alright. Use WinRAR or 7zip to extract if the file you downloaded format “. Fully supports Aero Glass and DirectX 10 with the latest drivers.


The TravelMate is designed for businessmen who look for a powerful notebook equipped with many accessories and features. The design of the lid is good. Typing mistakes are due to keys at their standard location seldom. The light shows amber when the battery is charging.

So, the TravelMate G can easily be distinguished from standard notebooks for private customers with usual Centrino Duo technology at the first travelmage. Mainboard Layout Top View. They allow to precisely and quickly control the mouse pointer.

Its picture quality is due to a number of available options comparably good.

Acer TravelMate 6592G (601G16N)

The lid, made of magnesium alloy and the case seem in general good. Located above the keyboard are four buttons. Modern video conferences are supported by a web camwhich is located inside the upper LCD frame. Because of this, you might want to look up the list of compatible os outlined under before getting the Acer TravelMate G driver below that content.

In comparison to the office notebook with T CPU this is average. Please, switch off ad blockers. Houses the computer’s battery pack. The speakers are located at the front part of the palm rest areas and their sound is, considering this is an office notebook, not bad.


The touch pad of the Acer TravelMate G appears to be noble and massive. At the front side there are The Acer TravelMate G’s case is made of high-quality plastics and has resistant surfaces. Get My Free Ebook. Considering the size of Typing quickly, the noise emissions of the keyboard are still low. Both of them have a short travel and their clicking noise is average for this notebook category.

Due to progress in technology, the Mobility Radeon HD XT is, nevertheless, as powerful as former generation video cards like, e.

The key feedback is clear, the key travel short, so, continuous typing is also in the long-term user-friendly. The appearance is broken up by a green track point FineTrack and also by identically green stripes on both of the FineTrack’s buttons.